Global Entrepreneurial Advice

Thomas Huling Global Funding Group, has been in the finance industry for nearly thirty years. His experience spans the borders of the United States and expands across the oceans into countries abroad. A leading presence in global business and international investments, Thomas Huling, formerly of Global Funding Group, knows what it takes to be successful in his industry on an international level. Knowing much about multinational corporations, Huling gives what he believes are characteristics that entrepreneurs should have.

Thomas Huling Global Funding Group

Networking is a large part of business. In international finance, it is even more important. An entrepreneur must learn to have great interpersonal skills. These skills must make a solid, good and long lasting impression that will reach through culture barriers. Basic interpersonal skills are great and definitely helpful, however, Thomas Huling, formerly of Global Funding Group, knows that to get past a language barrier on top of a cultural one can be tough at times. Standing out with a business is a great way to establish a network of contacts in a new land.

Many businesses look to simply stay afloat when they are investing their time and effort into an aboard investment. These same businesses are often the ones that take the largest of risks in their home country. Thomas Huling, formerly of Global Funding Group, can understand the reasoning behind the soft approach, he does not completely agree with it. Huling knows that it took risks to find success in his home country’s businesses. Thus, businesses should no be afraid to take risk to succeed when abroad.


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