Learn the Culture Before Business

Thomas Huling, formerly of Global Funding Group, knows that the market is shifting away from the United States market. Continually reevaluating his companies, Huling suggests that other businesses should do the same. He knows that some companies will see that they are unfit to do business with investors and financial leaders that are from other various cultures. Thus, Thomas Huling, formerly of Global Funding Group, recommends companies spend time learning the customs of the cultures they would like to break into.

Thomas Huling Global Funding Group

Many cultures have certain greetings that are required before they sit down and speak business. Often other cultures like to eat a meal with whom they are doing business with before they decide on a deal. Also some cultures find things offensive that many American people would not pick up on. Thomas Huling, formerly of Global Funding Group, is an international finance businessman who has quite literally been all over the world doing business with various countries and their plethora of cultures within their region. Though the preparation may be difficult at times, it is valuable for a business to research the culture of the land they wish to do business with in a new country.

Thomas Huling Global Funding Group, suggests brushing up on the local customs of the area. Before traveling to a new country business executives should know how a culture does business. Above all, businessmen should never force American standards or ideas of business into another culture; this will be found offensive and business deals will fail.


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