Economic Shift

There seems to be a shift coming in the global economy. China should replace the United States by 2015 as the largest economy on a worldwide scale. This implies that the trends of the global economy will shift, and businesses will essentially be chasing a moving target as economic shifts strike like earthquakes in emerging markets. Since the year 2000, Canada’s and Mexico’s economies have increased by a third, where China’s has tripled. Many CEOs are concerned that new market entrants will threaten their fairly solid positions, and the rebalancing of the powers will influence the amount invested in infrastructure.

Thomas Huling Global Funding Group

Companies who are already globally-minded are not too worried; they are already prepared to compete on a global market and have established their brand preemptively. New companies will not be as much of a threat to a well-known brand like they will be to an unknown company. Emerging markets are accelerating at great speeds, and the global market will look vastly different in a mere decade. This much change will be awe-inspiring to witness, and only the companies who have prepared ahead of time for it will survive it. The benefits of being prepared are obviously far superior to the downsides of being unprepared, and many businesses in the next few years should start looking at a global transition.

Thomas Huling Global Funding Group has been focusing on the global market for decades and has been an advocate for being prepared. Founder of the former Global Funding Group, he is currently the founder and Director of a new company, Global MedInvent LLC.


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